Friday, March 6, 2015

My 25 Must Visit Cities

Got wanderlust? Even though I'm an absolute sucker for articles listing top (insert arbitrary number here) most beautiful/ must visit cities on Earth, I always wonder if the author has actually been to these places or if they just paraphrased some lines from a guidebook. So I thought - why not generate my own list based on personal travel experiences? 

I tried to select photos of locations which I believe hold some character of the city, so they might be a little different from the usual Buzzfeed travel photos. Also, with the exception of some US cities, all these pictures were taken by myself with a point and shoot camera. I'm no photographer, but I think this is a testament to the timeless beauty of these cities. 

So here I present: my totally biased, completely honest, and 100% sponsor-free list of the world's must-visit cities. 


1. Prague, Czech Republic

2. Budapest, Hungary

3. Vilnius, Lithuania

4. Riga, Latvia

5. Tallinn, Estonia

6. Rome, Italy

7. Lisbon, Portugal

8. Sintra, Portugal

9. Seville, Spain

10. Cordoba, Spain

11. Granada, Spain

12. Gdansk, Poland

13. Torun, Poland

14. Krakow, Poland

15. Berlin, Germany

16. Copenhagen, Denmark

17. Barcelona, Spain

18. Ibiza, Spain

19. Malmo, Sweden


20. Taipei, Taiwan

United States

21. Los Angeles, California

22. San Francisco, California

23. San Diego, California

24. Las Vegas, Nevada

25. Washington D.C.

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