Friday, October 16, 2015

20 for my 20's

People in their 20's are invincible - or at least they'd like to think so. While I realize that immortality is a bit out of my reach, I have some grand dreams that I would like to fulfill in this next decade. As summer fades into fall ( of these days), I put these dreams in a bottle and put that figurative bottle on display here as a reminder, for myself and hopefully others, to never settle for a mundane life - whatever that may mean.
  1. Go on an adventure. Pick a starting point and just go where my feet lead me.
  2. Take a gap year to pursue a passion project while traveling.
  3. Backpack Southeast Asia (top three: Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia).
  4. Make beer. Or moonshine.
  5. Go to the theater and watch a movie in a completely foreign language (no subtitles).
  6. Get drunk in a really bizarre setting with friends.
  7. Unexpectedly run into an old friend in some corner of the world.
  8. Make a special dish that people really like.
  9. Have a conversation in Swedish.
  10. See the Northern Lights.
  11. Go to Stockholm. I really mean it this time. 
  12. Be able to read and write Chinese.
  13. Visit my students from AID Summer 2012 (teach English program) in Taiwan . 
  14. Master one more foreign language.
  15. Host travelers from Couchsurfing.
  16. Become a Burner (Burning Man 2016??).
  17. Rave around the world, then go to Tomorrowland, where the world comes together to rave.
  18. Find my travel soulmate. Bonus points if they're my rave & dance soulmate. 
  19. Learn something from each place that I travel to and retain that knowledge. 
  20. Live in the moment, but find meaning in that moment. Be content, if only temporarily. 

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