Monday, September 8, 2014

Back on the Road Pt. 1 - Prague!

I was planning to do a trip before school started, but I wasn't sure where. At the last minute, I realized I actually had 11 free days so where better to explore than the beautiful Central European capitals? I booked everything in the span of three days before and bam - I'm off!

My first (and eventually last) stop was Prague. The city is so gorgeous but I can't exactly describe why. I didn't fall in love with Paris or London, but Prague and Budapest really captured my heart. Maybe the pictures can speak for themselves...

After an INTENSE 14 hour bus ride from Copenhagen, I managed to navigate myself to my amazing hostel: Sir Toby's! This famous hostel is liked for good reason - comfy rooms, a nice brick pub, and daily organized activities. Would highly recommend to everyone. :)

After getting settled, I headed off for a free walking tour. The guide told some great stories about Prague and its landmarks, though we had to take shelter from the pouring rain in the middle. We even braved "The Crosswalk of Death" aka this crazy intersection where the cross signal lasts for like five seconds,

The ghost from Don Giovanni
(alternatively, Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars)

After the tour, I meandered around as usual and found myself looking at a jazz festival! It appeared to be free, so I went to check it out. The music was great and the food was sooo cheap. A beer and a dish for under $1, plus live music? DOWN.

After this musical interlude, I hiked up the hill and found myself with an amazing view of Mala Strana ("Lesser Town") with its red tile rooftops and cobblestone streets. I am ridiculously out of shape and the hike almost killed me, but the view was worth it!
Beginning of the hike of death

Memorial to the Victims of Communism

Finally...the view

After a bit of conversation, my hostel roommates quickly became my new friends and we went on a crazy pub crawl together! From the power hour to visiting a "communist propaganda" bar to dancing on the table, I had so much fun. 

My two friends and I spent the next day exploring Prague Castle, listed as the largest castle in the world! Really beautiful and, of course, enormous place. I will never forget how we bought a "shot" of melted hot chocolate and slurped it all together. We were so tired that the chocolate was AMAZING.

Day 3 in Prague actually happened at the end of my trip, and it was a solo last day. Still, I made friends while going on a beer tour (Czech beer is the BEST, hands down) and had an awesome last night!

Convinced me to try this delicious Czech dish!

I also saw my very first ballet, Popelka (Cinderella), at the gorgeous National Theatre! I've almost forgotten the magical beauty of ballet, and I was completely entranced by the performance. Going to the ballet was by far one of the best choices I made on this trip.

And all too was time for me to bus back (14 hrs yikes) from Prague to Berlin.

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